Sexual Submissiveness

by Roxy Sayz

Although Fifty Shades of Grey is only a story, the kinky sex contained within is most definitely detailed, erotic and riveting! The book has opened the eyes of millions around the world to the diverse range of pleasure and fulfilment that can be experienced when one expands their horizons and seeks out new and unusual ways to be sexually aroused…the BDSM scenes within Fifty Shades of Grey have in effect brought kinky sex and bondage to the suburbs of Sydney. The kink scene in Sydney that was once only populated by those on the fringe of society is now teeming with new people keen to learn and experience the erotic highs they have heard and read about. Huge numbers of people are now dressing up in leather and corsets and lining up monthly on Oxford Street in Sydney, waiting patiently for their turn to pay the door charge and then enter the Hellfire Club where patrons are whipped and tortured in public view, while others watch as couples undress and play sex games with partners and strangers alike. This dark new world is erotic and exciting and increasing numbers of people are choosing to let go of inhibitions and experience this previously forbidden sexual playground. Within this space they hope to gain insight into new ways of intensifying and varying the ordinary and fairly average sex life that has been there experience up until this time… The disciplines and teachings that underlie the sex games and play sessions that are commonplace within the kink and BDSM scene are not actually about domination over another or submission to a dominant. The underlying and common thread through all the play sessions and interactions between those in the BDSM scene is control…the taking and maintaining of control over another, whilst always showing quiet restraint and discipline. A submissive gives over all control to their Master and in relinquishing complete control of their mind and body to another person they are in effect gifting their responsibility and total trust to their Master. The day may start with your Master bathing you slowly and then drying you carefully, making sure to get the towel all over every curve and valley… he may then dress you, then take you out in public to walk in the park after which you stop to rest at a quiet café… suddenly you feel a hot flush creeping up the back of your neck as you realise that your Master is slowly and discretely removing your undergarments, spreading your legs wide under the café table…his hand then moves up your thigh possessively and settles in the hot wetness between your legs…
Or maybe your Master/submissive fantasy involves your master tying you naked to the bed, arms above your head and legs spread wide.. he then plays and teases every little piece of skin that covers those sensitive secret places that you can hardly bare him looking at let alone studying intently while he slowly strokes and pushes deeper… you could scream from the agony and the ecstasy only you can’t as your master has you gagged and blindfolded as his tongue travels down your belly, between your legs, relentless… Or maybe it is a little torture and pain that drives you wild and has your nerve endings electrified!!!! After stripping you naked your master ties you face down and spreadeagled on the bed and then starting very gently he brushes the whip gently down your back, over your butt and then slowly back up again where he suddenly flicks the whip back and then lets its tail flick sharp and fast across the top of your back…a dozen sharp flicks before he suddenly stops and starts to trail the whip again down and along, pausing for a few minutes as he licks and kisses your hip, then strokes his hand gently down your butt, spreading you wider as he pushes his fingers deep inside your pussy… then he stands again, grabs the whip and once more starts the short sharp flicking that seems to go on and on, the stinging increasing with each strike…you need him to stop so you call out for time out… “Master please… !!!”

So now it’s your turn to play, try a little bondage and role play and work out what seems to fit and of course work out if any of it turns you on ??? You and your partner need to move at your own pace, so why not start lightly with a pair of handcuffs and a silk piece of cloth, also a blindfold… these are the key essentials for a beginners BDSM kit that will get the action started and help you to create your own BDSM session. When you and your partner have worked out what you do and don’t like you can look at adding the more risqué items to your collection… items such as whips, ball gags and nipple clamps to name just a few:) The sexual release that can be experienced with even some light bondage and BDSM play can be so intense you will wonder what took you so long to try this orgasmic sexual play style.

Being a dominant or a submissive doesn’t have to be all about pain, unless of course you want it to be. It is about establishing a connection with your sex partner and creating an increased intimacy through complete trust in one another. Submissiveness is not about being weak and neither is a dominant a sexual bully. In fact both roles are all about empowerment, building confidence and, most importantly, having an amazing time that is both fun and pleasurable in an extremely sexual way!

BDSM is not for everyone but here at All Sydney Escorts we think that all things SEXUAL should be tried at least once:-) Life is brief, experience is everything…and the sexual experiences in your life are often the most intense and electrifying moments in time that you will remember always!!! How else are we to know if we do or do not like something??? Seize the day… open your mind… and surrender your body…