Show Time

There’s no better foreplay before the main event than an intimate show in which you are the only member of the audience. Before you play your part and applaud let your girl show you how sexy, provocative and confident she is. Our naughty Sydney escorts love a pre-theatre warm up just so you are aware of the coming attraction that will follow. So for starters we say sit back, get yourself comfortable and let you girl show you just how horny she can be.  Beware this admission is strictly R18  😉

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She sees the hard cock in your trousers and you can see she wants it bad.  As it gets increasingly harder, so hard its aching just as much as her wet pussy is. Its time to introduce yourself as her cast member and tell her to come to you, sit on your lap and wrap her legs around you so you can see and feel how wet she is. Direct her to insert your cock into her pussy and whisper into her ear that you want her to ride you.

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