Skip Dinner… And Head Straight For Dessert

We all know February is the season of love with Valentine’s Day on the 14th world wide! Florists rejoice filling there stores with hundreds of red roses, restaurants advertise “set Valentine’s Day menus” and start making bookings from frantic men who have often left it all too late. Then comes the night and its often somewhat of a let down. The big hype beforehand seems to have lost its shine. The restaurants are packed with gooey eyed couples all staring out at each other lol. The food is often second rate and expensive due to the set menu or worse your lover doesn’t like anything on the “set” menu. At all Sydney escorts you can avoid that awkward first-date dinner and a movie by heading straight for dessert. It will probably cost you alot less and you will always be guaranteed to have a fabulous night and hit home base!

Instead of a rubbish romantic comedy and lame chit-chat take a girl straight to bed and show her what she really wants to know – can you make her scream with pleasure? Forget asking her where she grew up and get to know her by touch smell and taste. Find out what she likes by kissing her gently then rough perhaps even biting her bottom lip as you caress her breasts. Move your hands down her waist inside her panties and see how many fingers you can put inside her before she moans loudly. Taste her sweet juice with your tongue as you lick her pussy up and down until you discover what makes her grip onto your shoulders and enter a world of pleasure.

By now you’ll have her in the palm of your hand begging you to put your hard cock inside her. Are you ready to move to the mind-blowing Valentine`s Day finale?  Its time to make her moan, agreeing with you all the way, crying out your name (if she can still remember it) and push your dick so hard inside her it makes her entire body shake. Tell her you want to cum all over her naked body and when you know she can’t take any more pull your cock out and cover her all over.

With an All Sydney escort you can skip dinner and head straight for dessert.