Stranger at the Bar

Have you always wanted to play out the fantasy of meeting a gorgeous stranger at a bar?  Flirtatious chatting, gentle touching then getting her between the sheets for hard out dirty sex without all the emotional baggage.  Not having to worry about that awkward moment when you can feel she wants to ask for your number but you dont want any committment. This is the usual scenario with a casual sexual encounter.  All you want to worry about is how much sex and pure lust is about to happen with no strings attached.

So you have the usual mundane business meeting at The Intercontinental Hotel in Sydney.  A colleague you have been wanting to fuck forever has gone upstairs to bed looking gorgeous and unattainable as usual. You feel horny and ready for some release somehow somewhere.  With no-one around you decide to settle for a drink in the bar alone but not for long…

At the bar sits a woman who blows your colleague out of the water completely. Looking sultry and classy she winks at you naughtily as you ask her if she would like a drink. Instantly she moves closer making it possible to get a better look at her stunning features.  An exotic dark haired beauty with green almond shaped eyes, full pouting lips, smooth olive skin and long slender legs. Forget talking and flirting this hot looking woman wants one thing only. As she picks up her bag you sneak a glance at her beautiful cleavage and imagine what her ample breasts would look like without that sexy dress on.  Your imagination is running wild in overdrive and so is your groin. She is right beside you taking your hand and sliding it up her thigh until you realise she is not wearing any panties.

As you slide your fingers into her wet pussy she begins to moan and rock against your hand. The barman is watching you both and you can see he’s green with envy. You can’t take it any longer. Grabbing her hand you both rush to the lift once inside with the doors closed you bend her over and thrust inside her warm pussy for an intense fucking.  Cumming hard before you even reach the top floor.