How to Prepare When Expecting a Visit From an Outcall Escort

Is a night with a beautiful Sydney outcall escorts all booked up on your calendar? Good for you, then! You must be very excited to be with a gorgeous young woman whose pleasure it is to give you pleasure. If you’ve booked an escort for a night, that must mean that you’re treating yourself to a truly special experience, one that only a high-class escort can make possible. Want to make sure your night is worth all that heavy anticipation? Then it’s best to come prepared (pun intended.)  

Whether you’re looking for a sweet night of romance or a wild night of passion, there are a few tried and tested ways to prepare your hotel room and, most of all, yourself. If it’s your first time booking an outcall escort, here are a few helpful tips on how to prepare when expecting a visit from your lovely lady friend.  


Confirm on all your reservations 


If you’ve got a date planned, make sure all your reservations are confirmed. Check with the restaurant the day before and make sure they’re expecting you. While this may seem standard, this step should be given special emphasis when you’re booking an escort. Remember that your time with her, although guaranteed to be incredible, would be limited. She and the agency will have valued your time by responding to your messages promptly and arriving at your location on-time, so on your end, it would be much appreciated if you make sure things go swimmingly on your date.  

Have the essentials ready 


If you plan on taking her back to your room, be a gentleman and have all sex essentials ready by your bedside table. Here are a few examples:


Now, most Sydney outcall escorts will be bringing condoms. But having them with you either in your wallet or on a table just shows that you value client etiquette. Some clients who have ended up in an escort’s blacklist are those who tried to go bareback during the encounter. This is a big no-no. This poses a serious health risk and may cause an escort to walk away without explanation.  If you’ve got condoms ready, that doesn’t only mean you practice safe sex, you’re showing her how good of a client you are! Plus, you’re the one who knows your size, anyway 


You’ve heard this phrase thrown around in discussions about sex: “Lube is your friend.” Nothing can be truer. Lube makes life easier for everyone. It does your taxes, clears your skin, makes your wrinkles disappear – just kidding, not really. But it helps relieve the friction caused by the condom’s material and makes intercourse feel a thousand times better. If you’re using toys, they should be lubed up before use, too. So be prepared with some water-based lube. 


If you’ve arranged for the use of toys at the booking stage, make sure you’ve cleaned them (using an appropriate sex toy cleaner) and tested them out first. Replace batteries if necessary. Many clients buy new ones and have their lady explore it with them, so that’s a fun option for you, too!  

Use your creativity 


Availing of the girlfriend experience? Then give her a great boyfriend experience by setting a romantic mood in the room! If you think she’d appreciate you preparing candles, rose petals on the bed, or other romantic gestures like that, then go ahead and set those up for her. Carefully curate your playlist, prepare the wine, and make sure the room smells good. This is a great way to quickly become one of her favorites. This way, you’ll both feel more relaxed as you get to know each other better.  

If you’re availing of the PSE, especially if you’re keen on a certain theme or category, you may want to go the extra mile: turn your hotel room into a full-on porn set! If you’re having trouble coming up with a list of what to prepare for that, just call your Sydney outcall escorts agency’s receptionist and they’ll be happy to help you out.  

Personal hygiene is everything 


This may go without saying, but many escorts choose not to see clients again because they did not seem to care about what they looked or smelled like. Showering, grooming, and putting on good perfume is the respectful thing to do for your escort. If anything, this encourages her to perform with much more enthusiasm, because who wouldn’t want to kiss and feel up on someone that’s just absolutely delicious?  

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