Take a Leaf From The Kama Sutra

Thought to have first been written back in 400 BC, in India, take inspiration this ancient bible of sex that can still teach the raunchiest positions to enlighten your sexual prowess. Whether its dangling upside down, or doing it backwards, here’s some of our favourite extracts from this sexual encyclopedia. Warning, flexibility is required for most of these positions.

The Erotic V

Acrobats are the name of the game with the “Erotic V”. Whilst the woman sits down on a table/surface edge, the man stands before her and bends his legs to be at the right “entry point” height. As she braces herself by wrapping her arms around his neck, then hoisting her legs to rest onto his shoulders. The woman then leans back as he directs his thrusts by holding onto her plump rump.

The Catherine Wheel

This aptly named kama sutra position requires the man and woman to sit down opposite each other. The woman then wraps her lithe legs around his torso as he enters her and wraps one leg over her to hold her in place. This move requires balance as she braces herself with both hands and he guides his thrusts whilst propped on one elbow. Sounds fun doesn’t it?

The X-Rated

This position is all about sensual control as the man lies on his back whilst she reverse cow girls, sweeping her legs back towards his shoulders whilst relaxing her body onto the bed between his legs forming a sexy X shape whilst she slides up and down.

The Ape

A rather strange and un-sexy name for a sex position, this is one for the gymnasts amongst you. As he lies on his back and pulls his knees to his chest… stay with us… she sits down backwards whilst sliding his deep inside her whilst using her feet for anchorage. She can then shift her weight onto his legs for extra support. This position creates deep penetration as he sets the rhythm, so a truly enthralling experience.

The Bridge

If you’re strong enough and this kama sutra position is the one for you. This requires the man to do a bridge as the woman straddles him and moves up and down on top of him. You may want to take a few yoga classes before trying this one out, but with the blood rushing to your head it’s well worth the