The 5 Most Common Sex Fears (and how to overcome them)

Despite being one of the best things you can do in life (at least in our opinion), a lot of people still fear sex. No matter what aspect of sex you’re afraid of, not feeling comfortable in the bedroom can ruin the experience not only for you, but also the person you’re sleeping with.
If you need help overcoming your fears, these are some of the most common anxieties associated with sex, and the most effective ways to combat them.

Body Insecurities

It’s perfectly normal to feel a little nervous before getting naked in front of someone, especially if you don’t know them that well. But if the anxiety gets so bad that you can’t relax, your body image issues could be holding you back. Whether you’re worried about being too fat, too skinny, not muscly enough, or some other perceived imperfection, fixating on these details will only make things worse.
How to combat it – Remind yourself that if the person you’re having sex with didn’t find you at least mildly attractive, they probably wouldn’t have volunteered to get into bed with you in the first placed. There’s nothing more sexy than confidence, so even if your body isn’t perfect, don’t let it get to you. And if all else fails, simply turn the lights out.

Performance Anxiety

If you’ve ever been affected by the pressure to pleasure, you’re not alone. Nearly everyone suffers from performance anxiety at some point in their lives, although men are particularly prone to the condition. A range of things can cause performance anxiety, from inexperience to erectile dysfunction.
How to combat it – Foreplay is key to overcoming sex-related fears. Given that performance anxiety is usually related to worries that the person you with isn’t enjoying themselves, treating your partner to plenty of pre-show action is bound to help. Behavioural techniques, such as practicing start-stop masturbation, can also be beneficial.

Pregnancy Concerns

You might think that only women worry about this one, but pregnancy can be a source of anxiety for guys too. Regardless of gender, the thought of an unwanted pregnancy can cause so much anxiety for some people that it prevents them from enjoying sex.
How to combat it: Protection, protection, and more protection. Whether it’s The Pill, an IUD, condoms, or some other form of birth control, you have lots of options when it comes to preventing pregnancy these days. Best practice is to double-up if possible, so if you or your partner is on the pill, also use a barrier method to be sure.


From herpes to chlamydia to HIV, STIs are a very real worry, and you should definitely be aware of the risks. However, you shouldn’t be so afraid of catching something that you avoid having sex altogether.
How to combat it – In addition to practicing safe sex, you can also ask anyone you plan on sleeping with to undergo a sexual heath test. This can be a tricky subject to approach, but you have every right to ensure your own safety.
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