The Awakening Of The 5 Senses

At All Sydney escorts we take immense pleasure knowing our clients get the most out of an evening with one of the stunning escorts we have on offer.  The companions at All Sydney escorts can and will heighten your senses. Leaving you with no disappointments when all of your senses are switched on.


As you hear footsteps in the distance, high heels clicking on the floor you can’t help wondering are they stilettos or black leather thigh high boots?  You hear the door handle rattle and you can start to imagine what else she might be wearing…


The girl of your dreams is entering the room. A stunning beauty who is more than you could have hoped for. She is looking at you with big bedroom sleepy eyes and a sultry smile playing around her plump lips ready for cock.  She starts to dance slowly teasing you by rubbing her body and wet pussy until you feel a tell tale stirring between your legs.  Noticing  this she flashes you a teasing smile before  slowly coming towards you…


Now things are heating up your sexy high class companion slowly moves closer to you and begins sliding her clothes off one by one. Right down to her silky red lingerie with suspenders and stockings.   The smell of her intoxicating perfume, fresh flowing  hair entices you deeper until you are completely captivated finally under her spell.


Reaching out to touch her as she frees her ample breasts. Her lithe and slender body from the silky lingerie which restrains her. Run your hand down her leg from the top of her lace stockings to her 6 inch heels.


Savour the moment as you finally get to taste the body which looks and smells so good.  Tantalizing & teasing from the moment the heels were heard walking towards your room. Now you finally get to taste and enjoy every inch of her smooth silky soft skin. Enjoy licking and fucking every inch of her tasty smooth body over and over in a night that will drive you both wild.