The Five Types of Boobs

Big ones, small ones, wobbly ones, bouncy ones, some as big as your head, boobs come in all shapes and sizes and everyone enjoys them in different ways. We’ve narrowed down types of boobs into 5 different categories for your pleasure.

Pillow Boobs

a girl with pillow boobs

Ah the heavenly bountiful bosom that all men just scream to wedge their salami between. The ideal pair of pillow tits will come with a side of a slender waist, and will spill over into a wonderfully deep cleavage, that’s yours for the unleashing.

Perky and Plump

a girl in a bikini with perky boobs

Perky and plump boobs are the perfect blend of ample size, but not too much, and usually come hand in hand with a physically fit girl, that have enough to squeeze, but not enough to end up suffocating you if she’s going for it cow-girl style.

Fake Tits

a girl with fake boobs

Don’t be dissuaded by the word ‘fake’ as there’s still enjoyment to be had from these sturdy structures. And no matter what angle the girl is at, they’ll remain firmly in place, and will always give you something to hold on to for firm support.
Invisi-Tits/Big Nips

If you’re all about the nipple then you’ll like the Invisi-Tits/Big Nips combo. These tend to come on ultra slender girls, with large perky nipples that are perfect for nibbling on whilst getting down and dirty.

Swing Low Sweet Charriots

a girl with natural boobs

For those of you who like the eu natural softness and movement that comes with natural boobs, then boobs that will wobble and bounce some in the form of the old “Swing Lows”. They have more of a tear-drop shape to them, and will bounce around chaotically whilst you’re doing the deed.

Now go forth and enjoy all the wonderful breasts that the world has to offer, whatever your preference.