The Great Outdoors!

There is nothing quite like having sex outside in the open air. The feeling as you strip off and take a woman wherever and whenever you please. The cool air, the freedom, the pleasure, the danger, the risk of being caught and the excitement of being watched.

Today though you are not thinking of that as you walk through the woods. Tired and stressed all you need is a break. Walking deeper in through the woods you spot a car parked over in a clearing. In no mood to talk this particular day you decide on walking by quietly pretending you haven’t noticed anyone. Oh dear your conscience takes hold and you wonder if anyone is in need of help. Like the good Samaritan that you are you decide to wander over when you spot movement in the car.

Two gorgeous women look like they are in the middle of an argument? Just when you are beginning to walk away the blonde leans over and starts to gently kiss the brunette. As her hands start wandering all over the brunettes ripe breasts your cock gets harder. Finally you can’t help but move closer to get a better look….who wouldn’t!!

The two women are oblivious to what is going on around them and are getting more heated and passionate in the car. The blonde reclines her seat and the brunette pulls up her skirt, gets on her knees and starts to lick her pussy. Instinctively, your hand reaches for your throbbing cock and you start to stroke it while you watch.

Suddenly, the blonde’s eyes open and she is looking straight at you while you are slowly stroking your hard cock. Knowing you shouldn’t stay and stare you cower down a little but realise the blonde is liking the voyeur over in the bushes as she gets more hot & horny. She is looking at you out of the corner of her eye while she has her busy tongue all over the brunettes nipples. In an effort to hurry up and relieve the unbelievably sexy women of your gaze you close your eyes when suddenly you feel a soft warm tongue on your balls. Knowing they needed to give you a hand or four they stroke you to ecstasy then lay back before you so you can cum all over their naked bodies. Now it’s your turn to relieve these two hot woman.

What a day of stress release and you thought it was just another walk in the park 😉

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