The Ins and Outs of Anal

Fantasising about exploring new realms? Want to plunder new depths? Anal play is high on the list for many guys, but finding someone experienced to explore with can be a tricky task! Many of the lovely ladies featured here at All Sydney Escorts will be all too happy to accommodate your desires, but if you haven’t done it before, you may have some questions. So here it is – your complete guide to going in through the back door.

Do women really like anal?

Obviously every woman is different, and what one finds pleasurable, another may hate. Some women will love a bit of butt action while others won’t go near it with a 6-inch pole. It’s all about personal preference, and respecting that is key!

Before you start

Make sure your partner is 100% on board with the idea and isn’t doing it because they feel pressured. Also check that you have everything you need ready to go – there’s nothing worse than getting hot and heavy and finding you’ve run out of lube!

Dos and don’ts Do: make sure your partner is willing and happy to participate
Do: make sure you have a condom
Do: use high-quality lubricant
Do: make sure your genitals are clean
Do: make sure your partner is turned on and comfortable
Do: go slowly when it’s time to penetrate
Do: listen and respond to their cues as you progress

Don’t: force your way into her in a way that’s rough or fast
Don’t: try and go in without lube
Don’t: use the same condom and change to vaginal intercourse
Don’t: keep going if she asks you to stop or slow down

Play it safe

Condoms are always a good idea – anal sex can have a higher risk for transmitting STIs. Also be careful about where you’re sticking what, as there is the possibility of moving bacteria into the vagina, which can cause a UTI.

The logistics

Ok, so you’re as prepared as possible. When it comes to go-time, it may be difficult to get it in. This is often down to your partner not being relaxed and clenching her muscles. Ultimately, she needs to relax if it’s going to happen, so do your best to reassure her and make her feel comfortable. It can be helpful to start small, like with a finger or a narrow toy, just to get used to the feeling. From there, it will probably be easier to get the real show in the road. Make sure you have lube on-hand, because you may need to reapply as you go. It is likely to feel different for both of you, so just take it slow and enjoy the sensation.
When it comes to anal sex, it really is a case of just giving it a go! If you’ve done all the basics, then it’s a lot more likely both parties will find it enjoyable. Ready to give it a go? Contact our experienced booking agents – they will help you choose a girl who can fulfil your wildest dreams.