The Power of Speech

Some people like to keep it nice and quiet, some like panting and moaning, and others like to hear some down right dirty, dirty talk. Everyone is different and thats what makes life exciting and sex!!  We decided to find out what erotic chatter turns a man on in bed the most. We hear it also depends on how the words are delivered whether it be soft & husky in his ear whilst licking and nibbling his lobes or hard out raunchy talk.  After asking several men the words they like to hear whilst with a woman, they’ve managed to whittle it down to just a few that send them into a seductive spin when these words tumble from the plump and juicy lips of a sexy vixen, as she gets ready to make their fantasies come true

“Just lie back and let me make you cum”

a hot girl having sex on top
“You taste so good”

red lips
“You can have me any way you want to”

hot girl ready for sex
“Feel how ready I am. Don’t you want to put your dick in there?”

a hot blonde girl
“I love your hard cock”

a girl whispering in a mans ear in bed

Now how did those phrases leave you feeling? Hot and horny enough to make a call …. We have hot escorts that are experts at getting you aroused with erotic talk.