The Top 6 in Fetish Wear

For a great number of people bondage and fetish wear have become a regular part of there day to day sex life. The feeling of being teased and pleased creates heightened sexual intimacy. Perhaps fetish clothing will help you discover either your outrageous dominant side or your inner submissive side. Our sexy Sydney escorts have put a few of their favourite fetish outfits together for those wanting to add some kink back into their sex life.  Read on ladies & gentleman as we can help with some great clothing choices below!

PVC and Leather

Men love a woman clad in PVC and leather. The squeak and slap of the shiny fabric is the perfect way to show off sexy curves and add another sensation to sex. If you’ve got a penchant for PVC then why not get your lady to whip and spank you as she plays the dominatrix. Showing you exactly how to let loose in the bedroom may be just what you need. Be tied up blindfolded and gagged losing yourself to rough dirty sex as your leather clad mistress show’s you who’s boss.


We’ve talked about PVC and Leather but nothing says fetish quite like natural Latex. Always available in many styles of sexy and seductive out fits that look sexy as hell on both men and woman. Imagine the thought of seeing your partner dressed head to toe in a spunky latex cat suit. With the latex on her body it gives every mouthwatering curve the attention they deserve. Gliding your hand over your partners body you will find the touch of the latex is soft and smooth getting you aroused in places you never thought possible.


Six inch stilettos are the ultimate in sexy footwear. A woman in only a pair of feminine heels will strut across a room toward you as she gets ready to give you endless pleasure. The sky high heels make her hips sway sexily from side to side, her legs appear endless and compliment her lithe toned body. Perhaps you’d like her to keep them on whilst you bend her over and take her from behind? Maybe you want her long beautiful legs wrapped around your neck… whatever your fetish is we know indulging it will heighten your sexual pleasure.


Wearing a mask can be a good starting point in the world of fetish. They can be used in light hearted role play between a couple making things a little more mysterious not seeing the face. The idea of wearing the mask is to “mask” ones true identity or appearance thus giving you a whole new persona…sound exciting. You could have a whole range of masks with each one of them taking on a new identity. Having a specialty sexual act that each mask loves to perform when only that mask is on. Masks are definitely a fun and mysterious way to breathe new life into a sexual relationship.

Female & Male Bondage Harness

Harnesses are all about bondage and restriction. They are especially designed for the submissive partner when you want to step it up and notch as hand cuffs just don’t do it for you any more.  Stepping it up to the bondage harness is a perfect idea. They are exactly as their name states.. a harness.. which can easily have a lash or rope pulled through to take your new shackled restricted fantasy to new heights of eroticism.

Naughty Nurse/Secretary/Policewoman/Schoolgirl

Role-play is just downright not so pure & sexy! With the outfits that come along with roleplay of taking on a different persona are the icing on the cake. The caring side to a naughty nurse as she tends to your cock. The sexiness of a secretary as she bends over your desk showing off her pert bottom in lacey knickers. The authority of a policewoman as she handcuffs you to the bed while her buxom breasts are in your face. Maybe the faux innocence of sexy woman dressed as a naughty little schoolgirl who’s perky breasts have never been touched. All these scenarios will drive you wild …take your pick and get caught up in fantasy land.