The Ultimate Guide to Covering Your Tracks

Can’t resist the lure of a high-class escort? We don’t blame you! Just keep in mind that getting caught in the act can be problematic. We think there’s absolutely nothing wrong with paying a beautiful woman to fulfil your desires, but unfortunately, the rest of society might not agree. And it’s not just married men that have to be careful. Being found out for paying for sex could cost you friendships, family and potentially even your job. People can be so judgy these days.
But you shouldn’t let the risk of getting caught stop you from enjoying one of life’s greatest pleasures! As Sydney’s top high-class escort agency, we’re experts in the art of discretion. These are some of the best tips we can offer when it comes to keeping your love of escorts on the down low.

Hide Your Purchase History

Unless you plan to pay with cash, learning to hide your spending habits is essential. Countless men have been caught out because they simply didn’t bother to hide what they were spending their money on. First of all, do not, under any circumstances, use a company credit card to pay for an escort. This might sound obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many men have been busted paying for sex with corporate funds. Things like PayPal and Google Pay can come in handy, although not all escort agencies will make these methods of payment available.
Your best bet is to keep your finances as private as possible. If you’re in a relationship, insist on having separate accounts. This may lead to some tension, but hey, not as much tension as getting busted cheating with an escort. Or you can always get a sneaky little credit card on the side in a separate account, or with an entirely different bank if you’re really paranoid about getting caught.

A Solid Alibi

The old “staying late at the office” excuse will only work so many times before your significant other gets suspicious. The easiest way to work around this is with a solid alibi. Simply tell your partner that you’re hanging out with a friend, then get that friend to cover for you in case your partner actually checks up on you. Just keep in mind that you should probably only trust your closest friends to be your alibi. You don’t even have to tell your friend that you’re seeing an escort – just pretend you’re having a regular old affair.

Digital Discretion

If you’ve ever used your phone or laptop to get in touch with an escort agency, be sure to hide your search history. You should also delete any messages or calls that can be traced back to the agency from your call log. If you keep in regular phone contact with any of the escorts you visit, we recommend getting a separate phone entirely, which you can use purely for ‘recreational’ purposes.
Now that you know how to cover your tracks, what are you waiting for? Choose your favourite All Sydney Escorts girl from our gallery, then confirm your booking either online or over the phone.