Toy with her Body, Not with her Heart

As you expertly wield the vibrating wand, she moans with pleasure and you can feel her body release with ecstasy…
Are toys a regular part of your sexual play? If not, you’re seriously missing out! Far from indicating that you’re somehow lacking in the sack, including inanimate objects in your bedroom romps can be empowering, spicy and just plain fun for everyone.
It’s not a plug-and-play situation, though – like everything, some basic skills do wonders to make it a truly memorable experience for you both.

Make Sure you have Quality Toys

Like so many things, you get what you pay for. Cheap, nasty toys can be downright dangerous, so make sure you purchase them from a reputable retailer. Alternatively, enquire about toys when booking – your dream girl may have a few things she can bring along with her!

Start Slow

If you blast in at 100%, you leave no room to grow. Start slow, and gradually increase factors like speed, pressure and movement. Toys don’t just have to be inserted to give her happy tingles, either. Try running vibrators over her nipples, or stroke sensitive parts of her body as you work your way down. You can even let her kick things off. Watch how she uses them, then draw inspiration from her technique. Jump in to help her finish the job, or take care of yourself while she plays. Think outside the box (literally) – you never know what might happen!

Listen to her Cues

Is she moaning, trembling, or pushing the toy around? Pay attention to what she’s doing – she may be nudging you to where she needs it most. That’s how you’ll know when she’s ready for you to make the fireworks happen – whether with the hard toy, or your hard toy. Don’t be afraid to tease a little! If she’s begging for more, hold back for a few seconds and make her wait for it.

Mix it Up

One of the best things about synthetic stimulators is their sheer versatility! Not only is there a massive range of different items available (vibrators, beads, plugs, rings and eggs are only the beginning) but you can try different positions to see what really gets you going.
Toys aren’t just about her though – there are heaps of products out there designed to get you off, so don’t feel weird about engaging in a little plastic pleasure. Ask her to have a go using different things to make you cum. There’s a whole other level of sexual play to explore when you add toys to your team.
Create different dynamics through power plays and domination as well. Sometimes there can be nothing sexier than hearing her beg for her orgasm.
Our Sydney escorts are experienced in using toys to get off while getting it on, so if you’re wanting to explore the realm of pleasurable paraphernalia, make sure you contact us! Of course, there are other ways to intensify your experience as well – it’s all about finding what works for you.