Two’s Company but Three is way more fun

The old saying “Two`s company three is a crowd”  doesnt always apply in some scenarios.  Guys we are here to tell you it’s not always about just pleasing a man and this is where we know you will agree three is definitely not a crowd 😉  It is by popular opinion among the male species that the ultimate pleasure can come from getting down and dirty with two woman. After all women know just what to do to send one another into a sexual frenzy.

For all you lucky guys out there who have an open-minded, bisexual or just plain curious wife, girlfriend or female bed-buddy why not indulge in a little ménage a trois? No more fantasising about girl on girl action or watching lesbian porn. We can help you have this scenario played out right before your eyes and you get to join in.

Picture yourself lying back while a hot escort wearing stockings and lacy suspenders starts to slowly undress your wife kissing her sensually. Seeing your wife in another light for the first time you notice just how sexy she is and it pleases you as another woman finds her so alluring. You look at her expression turn to sheer fulfilment when the other woman kneels down, spreads her lips with two fingers and starts to lick her clitoris gently with her tongue teasing her as she moans with delight.

As your woman gets more excited she begs for you to come over and join in.  With no jealousy both women turn their attention to you. Lie back as both of them share your cock with their mouths. You are unsure which is hornier? Fucking a beautiful stranger or your wife lying back and playing with herself while you do it. It is enough to blow your mind or your load.