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There’s something about a swish skyscraper hotel that just makes us want to rip a powerful man’s clothes off and seduce him in the sexiest of settings. From the swanky bar to the marble floors and the elevators that will have you up on the fiftieth floor within under a minute. The glamour of it all is just so seemingly enticing.

When you see a sexy escort in Sydney from our agency this is enough to get her hot and horny before she even reaches your room.  Why not set the mood by having a cool bottle of champagne chilling in a bucket of ice with a dozen freshly shucked oysters on the way. She walks in and sees you freshly shaved with the scent of  masculine aftershave standing there in a sexy shirt and cool trousers. You pour her a cold champers and let her know the oysters are on the way!  Now thats an aphrodisiac that should get any female tingling in the groin.

Taking in the views of the city below as you both look out of the floor to ceiling windows you can see she is impressed.  There’s just something that makes a girl want to be pinned up against those windows and fucked hard – knowing that the only people likely to get a glimpse of her ass or breasts pushed up against the glass is a lucky little window cleaner or a passing business man being delivered to his meeting via helicopter. From the chez lounge to the emperor size bed, and the sunken round bath tub… there’s plenty of inspiration for where to get your sexy fill of thrills.

The opulence of it all just makes her want to suck off your sir in this skyscraper palace as you mix a nice strong martini complete with a cheeky olive which you gulp down before turning to the champagne and pouring it all over her pert breasts. Bending her over the bar and taking this eager gal once more from behind your explosion is going to be intense again! Turning her over so her cheeks are on the cold marble floor she begs you to pound her harder. Stopping before you explode again you decide  its now time to open the mini bar…  what could you do with a tub of freezing cold ice cream and a horny girl?

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