Waiting For A Knock At The Door…

Think about it….what other memorable experience can you think of where you pick the girl of your dreams and have her writhing around on top of you 45 minutes later?

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So you’ve booked the Sydney escort that grabbed your attention the most on our website and now you’re sitting at home or in your hotel room  “waiting for the knock at the door” to come, amongst other things.. pun intended 😉

All you can wish for, is opening the door and finding the sexy seductress you have chosen on the other side.  The tension is finally over, you hear the knock and then you’re opening the door to the hottest Sydney escort you have ever met.  Trying very hard to hide your excitement as she walks passed you leaving a trail of sweet perfume for you to follow.

Without wasting any of your precious time she introduces herself by kissing you with her soft pouting lips then she quickly takes charge.  This hottie knows why you want her and knows exactly what to do!  All you`re thinking is “Ive hit the jackpot, not only is she ridiculously hot she is, without a doubt confident with her deliciously sexy body.  Sitting you down she then takes over by putting on some soft sexy mood music then begins to gyrate her perfect body to the rhythm of the tunes. Your desire for her grows and she can see with every roll of her hip she is making it happen.

Unclipping her skirt slowly as she rhythmically gyrates to the music her skirt falls to the floor to reveal light-blue lace panties. She then slowly walks over and stands in front of you taking your hands and putting them on her hips  so you can feel her warm soft skin. Knowing now that her delicious pussy is just inches from your face blows your mind. Suddenly, your confidence grows, and you slip your hands round to her ass and pull her closer. You kiss the lace and inhale deeply, the scent of her skin whipping you into a frenzy so you bury your face deeper as she moans with pleasure.

You slowly slip her panties down. The instant they’re gone she thrusts your face back into her crotch.  Your nose is squashed against her clitoris and you plunge your tongue inside. She’s moist and fragrant. You lick upwards to her clit and she squeals with delight before hurriedly dropping to her knees and grabbing your throbbing cock.

Taking you in her mouth she wraps her lips around the head of your penis and teases you with her swirling tongue on the tip. Clearly, you mentally note, with her expert moves she knows what she is doing.  Her beautiful eyes look up at you and she winks before plunging deep. She holds you in her throat for a second then bobs her head rhythmically, getting your dick wet and ready to enter her. Just when you think you’re about to explode, she swaps her mouth for her pussy, and you moan as she slips you inside her slowly as she begins to ride you on the way to paradise.

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