Weird Sex Jobs You’d Love To Have

They say that if you choose a job you love you’ll never work a day in your life. If you’re like our stunning Sydney escorts and love engaging in some bedroom fun, there are definitely some sex jobs which would fall into the ‘love your job’ category.
Thinking about a career change? We’ve got the lowdown on jobs where you can go down.

Sex toy testers

Well, someone has to make sure they get the job done! When it comes to adult playtime, the toys need to be high-quality and stimulating – what better way to test this than by trying them out?
That’s right. Sex toy testers literally get paid to masturbate. Of course, it’s not entirely fun and games. You still have to provide genuine feedback, so it’s important to actually be paying attention to the specifics of each toy.

Brothel quality control testers

Yep – this is exactly what it sounds like. Think secret shoppers, but instead of ordering a burger and fries, you’re evaluating a sexual encounter. While most people assume this is literally the easiest job in the world, many underestimate the difficulty of this nature of work. Being able to perform in a ‘work’ setting isn’t as simple as you’d think, and many candidates have a hard time getting hard. So if you know that you don’t get stage fright, you might be onto something!

Sex educator/kink consultant

If your enjoyment of sex runs alongside an enjoyment for talking to groups of people, then you were probably destined to become an educator. As a sex educator or kink consultant, you need to have an open mind, an unbiased approach and a degree of knowledge about both the industry and safe practices. To make a real go of it, it’s best to try and get involved in the relevant communities and forums (and there’s definitely no substitute for real-world experience!).

Fetishist and dominatrix

Again, this is exactly what it sounds like. Many people have sexual tastes that are far enough away from what’s considered ‘normal’ to make them turn to paid professionals. From more physical fetishes like feet, right through to those who prefer other types of stimulation, the span of this job is as large as your own tolerance allows.
One particularly lucrative example is the realm of financial domination, where a person pays another person to take control of their money. Often the fetishist will pay essential bills first, and then choose an amount to give to their dominator, who then budgets for them or spends the cash on themselves, depending on the agreement. Managed correctly, this kind of work can let you live very comfortably!
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