What Is Your Ultimate Fantasy Woman?

Whether you are a leg man or a boob man there is one thing that is never going to change and that is men love to look at the sexy feminine curves of a woman. Whatever shape or size turns you on there is a gorgeous woman at All Sydney escorts who will fit any red blooded male fantasy. Once you have chosen your ideal fantasy girl be prepared to get her in the position which best shows off her assets.

Tantalisingly Tall

Tall ladies always have the power to own the room. With slender long legs that seem to run on and on they have that supermodel status going on. Watch those legs in action as she bends into unbelievable positions and wraps them around your body.

Sexual position:

Lie her back in the military position and fuck her hard while her legs are up over your shoulders. You get to see the pleasure on her face and hold on to her long smooth legs as they shake with her orgasms. When you feel like you need to cum, grab your cock and aim it at her perfectly flat stomach

Perfectly Petite

Petite women look cute and amazing in short skirts and sky high heels. The perfect little package just like tiny dolls everything is in proportions. Watch this hot blonde escort sashay in to the room and flash a sexy smile while removing her T-shirt to reveal her perfect tits and hard nipples. Petite girls are attention seekers and like to make up for their height with cheeky confident personalities.

Sexual Position:

Get your little lady to kneel in front of you as she is the perfect size to take your cock into her mouth. Watch as she expertly sucks, licks and spits to bring you to orgasm. Grab your cock and shoot your cum all over her face and tits.

Voloptuous Vixen

The fuller female figure is often desired by more men than some would think.  A real woman is the term that is often used to describe a fuller figure.  With lush big breasts, small waists and sexy hips these girls have the shape that sets many pulses racing men and woman alike!

Sexual Position:

You want to see the pure sexual pleasure spread across her face as you fondle her big titties so place her on top to start. Watch those big full breasts bounce around as she straddles you up and down, back and forth. Her nipples rock hard while she groans with pleasure is almost too much for you to bear but hold on as there is more in store. Horny as hell and ready for it she will turn around for doggy style so you get a good view of that tiny waist and curvaceous hips. As you thrust deep inside her getting a good view of her beautiful sexy shape she groans “fuck me harder”‘ making you cum all over her backside.

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