What’s your type?

Every man has a “type” of woman he reserves in his mind to play out his ultimate sexual desires. If it was possible to have her standing right in front of you what would you do with her? At All Sydney escorts we make it possible to have that perfect dream girl standing in front of you ready and oh so willing to live out those wild, naughty and sometimes kinky fantasies. Role play is an exciting way to play out your fantasies and completely satisfy your sexual urges. We think its time to forget the scenarios you may played out in your mind. Its time to get down to the nitty gritty and get real unforgettable pleasure.
First ask yourself what type of lady would be suited to live out those racy sexual and pleasurable thoughts that you have pent up for too long!

The Virgin

Squeaky clean and virginal in white stockings and in your mind a stunning untouched body. This woman needs to be led astray. Take the lead by showing her techniques to turn her into an expert cock sucker. Make her get her hands dirty. Finish off by cumming all over supple breasts as she exhales with pleasure.

The Princess

Styled to perfection princess in her pretty summer dress imucatly groomed as always, the princess is one lady that is begging and maybe longing for the touch of a man to teach her what it really like to walk on the wild side and enjoy hot steamy sex. In a way you would be her teacher taking her down the pathway that only has one ending and that is total sexual ecstasy for the both of you

The Slut

This dirty girl knows just how to please every inch of your body pleasuring each and everyone of your senses. The slut will come walking in wearing the tiniest figure hugging dress and come fuck me boots. She loves performing and teasing you by dropping to her knees and slowly freeing your hard aching cock from your trousers slowly licking and fondling then blowing your mind with an out of this world blow job. Your mind will be running wild with ways to repay her sexually after she is finished giving you the blow job of your life. Just remember the slut likes hot steamy messy sex, is up for anything and cant wait to show you a thing or two.

The Dominatrix

Let this lady of the night in leather dominate you in bed and order you to do what she wants when she wants Liking her partners submissive be prepared to be tied up, spanked and humiliated all in order to keep your Mistress happy. If you are a good boy she will order you to lie down while she sits on your face!.

The Girl Next Door

This girl has it all; a stunning face and body with a little left to the imagination. Slowly you see more of her inch by inch until you are drooling over her perfect round tits and peachy ass. If you expected her to be shy in bed, you are in for a shock. What do they say about the quiet ones? Tigers in bed..

This is a mere teaser of what you could indulge yourself in…