Women’s Top Fantasies

Some women can be shy about what they like to do between the sheets. Often going the safe route (no pun intended) woman can be known to hold back and keep fantasies to themselves. Sometimes this works well but perhaps if your woman really unveiled what was running through her saucy little brain it may lead to the best sex you have ever had and allow you to truly relax and pleasure her getting her pussy wetter than it’s ever been.

Our sexy Sydney escorts know how to truly please a woman and will teach you how to really open up the bedroom antics making way for some very creative pleasure.

Here are a few of our hot tips for women’s top sexual fantasies…

Another Woman

Many women have a hidden fantasy of being with another woman. This is clear when you watch porn together. Don’t you notice how aroused your sexy lady gets and don’t think this is from the man in the movie more often than not she is turned on by the hot blonde.  Imagining herself touching the supple soft skin of another woman as she softly lets her breasts touch against another woman’s soft full breasts. She can’t wait to suck her rock hard nipples whilst you do her from behind.

Being dominated

Even though your lady may like to be the boss most of the time sometimes she just might like her man to take control in the bedroom. Telling her exactly how you would like to give her the most intense orgasm and how you are going to go about that then…… doing exactly what you want without holding back. Handcuffs never go astray in these scenarios 😉

Being a stripper

Some woman are show ponies and others don’t have the confidence to show off their tight toned bodies. This is where you bring out the champagne, the right music and loads of praise whilst eyeing up her sexy body. This will give your lady the confidence she needs to start dancing around and showing her sexy goods. Slowly unveiling her round tits and neat little pussy while you look on in admiration which only spurs her on more. Before you know it she is the best stripper in town, straddling you and begging to be fucked harder!

Group sex

It’s not always about you! At times a woman fantasises about being adored by many men all at once. This makes her feel like the sexy goddess that she is. Her imagination is usually along the lines of many hot men pleasuring her in as many ways as possible. Swingers parties are good place to find this kind of action. Your lady on the bed surrounded by men will turn you on just as much if you have an open mind….and an open relationship 😉


Okay so we are back to your lady being the boss! Some women get a kick out of dominating you and in the bedroom and this can be just as much fun. Now it’s her turn to tell you where she needs/wants you to lick it and stick it then lay down as she ties you up and dominates your hard cock.